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Patience and perseverance
Presentation Tips : Baby steps to improve

Improving your presentation capability is like any other skill that you attempt to learn and improve ...... you need some initial guidance, you need to be willing to practice and persevere, and then some useful feedback along the way will help you to make some minor corrections to your technique. But if your past experience has caused you to feel terrified at the prospect of any type of public speaking, then you must accept that future progress will come through taking small, measured baby steps and trying new strategies.

As long as you remain motivated, then you will be able to overcome temporary set-backs. There will be presentations that you deliver where you fumble and stumble a little - but presentations don't need to be perfect.

If you haven't had a lot of experience with public speaking, then you need to be patient with yourself - in the same way you would encourage someone else who is learning a new task.

If you are too harsh and critical in your self assessment of your presentation performance, then you will only make it harder for yourself next time around. Like a new driver still on their L plates, initially drive in low traffic and safer roads until your confidence gradually increases - and it will, over time..

So remember, try to be patient with yourself as you continue to work on improving your presentation skills.

Ways of Grabbing Audience Attention
Have a look at this video clip if you want some great ideas on how to capture the attention of your audience in your opening comments

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