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Presentation Training Melbourne :

Develop the public speaking skills of your key staff
Presentation Training Melbourne
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Many people experience some anxiety at the thought of delivering a presentation - unsure about whether they are getting their message across in a professional manner. Our presentation training provides a firm foundation for improving the presentation and public speaking skills of your staff. Our course will equip them with tips, techniques and frameworks to help them get their message across with greater influence and impact.

Is your company looking for a Presentation Skills course?
Presentation Training Melbourne offer a one day intensive Presentation Skills course in Melbourne for companies who are wanting to ensure their staff possess the confidence and poise needed when presenting to clients and other stakeholders. Public speaking training incorporates intensive coaching opportunities, showing your people how they can get their message across more effectively.

Our presentation training course provides plenty of guidance and direction, showing how to:

  • Prepare a presentation with a sound structure
  • Deliver a confident presentation
  • Engage the audience as a presenter - making the message more memorable
  • Manage any nerves
  • Sell ideas, by relating them to the agenda of the audience

  • The fear of public speaking is one of the most common fears in the workplace..... Our Presentation Training Melbourne course shows people how they can learn to control public speaking nerves and anxiety.
    Presentation skills have become a core capability that most people need in order to progress their career, and our training and expert coaching helps people to develop this crucial leadership skill.

    What does the one day course cost your company?
    To deliver in-company to a group of 4 - 6 staff costs around $2,100 + gst. This includes the use of video feedback for coaching during the course.

    This training will improve the ability of your staff to speak with influence and gain support from their audience when presenting their message. Now-days in the workplace, people must be able to sell their ideas to stakeholders, so as to win the approval or funding that is needed to proceed with a new project or initiative.

    CONTACT US for more information on our one day Presentation Skills course .... Ph 0430 972 578

    For more details on the content of our public speaking course, you can visit Presentation Course Melbourne  Video feedback is used to help accelerate your skill development

    Presentation Skills Coaching - One-on-one coaching in and around Melbourne can also be arranged, if you need to prepare and rehearse for an importnat business presentation. ....... Gain the edge you need!

    KISS to Control Public Speaking Anxiety

    There are many different strategies that people can use to manage the anxiety of having to deliver a presentation to a group of people. In the following video clip, I share four ideas that can help you to control some of that anxiety ....

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